American Windsurfing Tour and Weendy App


American Windsurfing Tour and Weendy App, a crowdsourced wind conditions app, are proud to announce a promotional partnership. The partnership will give American Windsurfing Tour events and athletes a broader reach through custom AWT and athlete profiles within the Weendy app and web platform. As well as offer Weendy a chance to meet enthusiastic riders at events to help update conditions of their favorite local spots for a more robust wind conditions and forecast experience within the app for both windsurfers and kiteboarders.

“The American Windsurfing Tour organizes the world’s top athletes in many of the best windsurfing locations in the US. It is an absolute pleasure to work with the team to promote the tour, as well as my fellow competitors” comments tour competitor from Greece and Weendy marketer, Evi Tsape. Tsape is part of the Weendy team of 4 that will be creating a custom AWT profile for riders to follow wind updates from tour stops in real-time from AWT organizer, Sam Bittner, as well as event details.

The Weendy blog will also feature AWT event announcements before, during and after events on the tour. The AWT section will show upcoming events, details, and competitor standings. Also, each week a pro rider from the tour will be profiled in an exclusive interview on the Weendy blog.

“Rider interviews and profiles, not only create excitement from fans and fellow riders, but also give us a chance to tell unique stories about all the competitors who make this tour what it is,” says Sam Bittner of AWT. Bittner plays an integral role in organizing the events, as well as developing partnerships and sponsors with brands like Weendy.

For weekly rider interview features and event announcements and updates for AWT, see the AWT section on the Weendy blog: AWT on Weendy

Available on Android and iOS, check out Weendy App for AWT’s profile, as well as pro profiles of riders on the tour for wind updates from their travels. Also, follow your local windsurfing friends to keep each other updated, so that no one ever has to get skunked again!