Located 60 miles from Portland, Oregon, the Gorge in Hood River is one of the most spectacular locations on the tour. The thermal winds are strongest in Summer months between June and September. This venue offers ideal conditions for both Freestyle and Racing, with the river current creating great ramps for jumping on both Port and Starboard tacks. The river is surrounded by the Oregon and Washington forests, which provide a beautiful backdrop to the contest.

FreeStyle RankingMenOBXRio VistaGorgeTotal
1Phil Soltysiak10,000010,00020,000
2Alex Mertens6,50003,90010,400
3Tom Soltysiak5,20003,9009,100
T4Mike Burns8,000008,000
T4Yarden Meir008,0008,000
6Wyatt Miller006,5006,500
T7Chris Eldridge5,500005,500
T7Bryan Metcalf-Perez005,5005,500
T9Tyson Poor005,2005,200
T9Nathan Mershon005,2005,200
T9Diony Guadadigno005,2005,200
T9Rob Warwick005,2005,200
13Max Robinson4,800004,800
14Adrian Grelon4,500004,500
15Jonathan Erbele4,200004,200
1Arrianne Aukes0010,00010,000
2Roxanne Christensen008,0008,000