Fiji Surf Pro Finals Wrapped

Fiji Pro
Sarah Hauser Over the past week I’ve contributed a piece of writing covering the experience of a competitor, a loser, and I will conclude by sharing my experience as a spectator. I think we can agree that the big winners coming out of this event were the spectators, its never been a better time to…
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Fiji Surf Pro Competition Resumes

Fiji Pro
Leon Jamaer Day 2 of competition featured the Men’s Quarter Finals. The remaining 16 were accompanied by many of the original fleet in a 2hr warm-up/free-sail. Upon arrival to the break in our village longboats, it was clear that the swell, predicted to build through the day into Monday, was slow in coming in. An…
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Day 2: Fiji Surf Pro

Fiji Pro
Robby Swift Day 2 of the Fiji Surf Pro was in many ways a celebration. A welcome day of respite from the anxious tension that preceded Day 1, and the hyper-stoke that accompanied it. Opening ceremonies were postponed until Day 2 to provide the opportunity for Round 1 to run on Day 1, conditions being…
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#04 FIJI

The groundwork is now laid for the FIJI PRO INVITATIONAL, August 20-30, to be held at the legendary Cloubreak reef. A list of the who’s who in the RIDERS world will be there to compete – see the invitation list below. @tourismfiji is supporting the event along with a host of local businesses all listed below. Riding Cloudbreak at 8-10 feet is special and that’s the goal: BIG waves and perfect Tradewinds. It’s one of the most amazing experiences out there for the hard core riders and fans around the world. On your own on the outer reef. As the bombs are coming through, and the blue hues of the Pacific envelope you… This is the FIJI PRO Invitational.
The Bula Pass plan is to have 4 days of competition across the 10 day event window. On the best wind days, heats will run from 12 noon to 5.30pm, leaving the mornings 100% clear for surfing in light wind surfing perfection before the trades come in. When the wind comes up the surfers tend to head in and the wind riders head out, sharing the waves with the Pacific spirit of aloha like we do in Hawai’i and across the globe.
The Fiji Pro Invitational
Event Window: August 20-30.
Event Location: Cloudbreak.
IWT Wave Tour Points for the Rider Rankings: 3 Star Event
Divisions: Pro Men & Women by IWT invitation only.
Conditions: Tropical, warm water, light to moderate trade winds, moderate to large swells, port tack, left hand breaking waves.
* IWT is partnering with local villages
* IWT is partnering with Tourism Fiji:
* IWT is partnering with The Fiji Surf Co:
* IWT is partnering with local traditional sun protection – BATI PROTECTOR
* IWT is partnering with Bayview Cove Resort, Fiji:
* IWT is partnering with Fiji Vodafone
* IWT is partnering with Fiji SKYWARD Industries
Riders arrange their own flights, then the event Bula Pass covers core costs upon arrival (details below).
Best Airport for arrival: Nadi International Airport. 
Mainland Accommodation: Bayview Cove Resort, Fiji:
IWT Event Director: Ian Muller, The Fiji Surf Co:
Fiji Traveller Rules:
THE BULA PASS – USD $2,500 includes:
The Bula Pass covers 2 weeks share accommodation at the Bayview Cove Resort villas, breakfast, lunches, dinners, transfers. Value around usd 1.5k
It also covers the reef boat access costs over 4 days of potential competition in the 10 day window. Value around usd 500.
Also included is a big media team for photos and video content for your sponsors, livestream coverage. Value around usd 300 / rider.
Riders each receive a custom rider jerseys with their name and number (WSL style), an event T-shirt, a cap, a sulu. Value around usd 200.
And a tribute to the local villages for use of their resource at the reef of Cloudbreak.
And a contribution to the Great Sea Reef Trust to restore coral reefs around Cloudbreak.
And emissions offset for travel / boat fuel.
The traditional Fijian welcome kava ceremony.
The awards night and of course the winners secure the beautiful trophies.
Tourism Fiji media promotion of key riders and event.
* Event access with the Bula Pass USD $2,500 transfer to the Pacific Trust account (4 days reef access total).
* Optional extra USD $500 if you want an extra 5 days reef access pass (9 days total).
* Bank details provided below for the PACIFIC TRUST that owns and operates IWT Marketing Pty Ltd.
* Riders may contact IWT Director Simeon Glasson directly for any questions:

* For Bula Pass transfers to secure tour spot in the FIJI PRO Invitational
* The SWIFT Code for Westpac is WPACAU2S.
* If you need an 11-character SWIFT, use WPACAU2SXXX
* Note that the PACIFIC TRSUT bank (Westpac) uses a SWIFT code, not an IBAN.
* Account BSB Number: 032-032
* Account Number: 444999
* Account Address: 6 Brolga Ave, Greenhills Beach, NSW 2230
* Account ABN (Australian Business Number): 26 533 023 897


Pro Men Invited:
Morgan Noireaux (#HI11). Hawai’i
Antione Martin (#1). Guadeloupe
Bernd Roediger (#1113). Hawai’i
Camille Juban (#8). Guadeloupe
Robby Swift (#89). UK
Bjorn Dunkerbeck (#ESP.11). Spain
Russ Faurot (#3). Hawai’i
Charles Vandemeulebrouke (#69). Tahiti
Jason Polaków (KA1111). Australia. (“if it’s big”)
Pro Women Invited:
Jessica Crisp (#15). Australia
Angela Cochran (#21). Hawai’i
Katie McAnena (#). Ireland
Jane Seman (#). Australia
Kate Barker (#88). Australia
Media Team:
Drone #1: Kalani Muller . FIJI
Drone #2: Team KM . FIJI
Drone #3: Team KM . FIJI
Drone #4: Team KM . FIJI
Livestream mixer: SKYWARD Industries. FIJI
Anchor Commentator: Kai Katchadourian*. Norway, Hawai’i
Vidoe Editor: Tritian YG . Australia
Fishbowl Diaries (Paul & Sofie photos) Cyprus, Hawai’i