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Omaezaki is world famous as a wild windsurfing destination. Back in the 90’s Omaezaki hosted the SOMETIME WORLD CUP which was the richest windsurfing event in the world. It was absolutely gigantic. The IWT event in 2019 was the first time a major international wave event ran in Japan since the boom years of the 90’s. Now with the Unified PWA IWT Wave Tour, this event is back on top of the world where it belongs. The local passion never stopped and the local windsurfing community is extremely well organised and motivated. They have a kids club with over 50 youth riders participating in wavesailing clinics across the year. Japan has a VERY significant windsurfing scene. One of the strongest in the world. This event celebrates and showcases that incredible local power. Welcome to Japan!

Starboard tack jumping. Ranges from 15-40 knots for competition. Often strong winds 30-40 knots. Cold air and water with full wetsuit advised, some will want booties and a hoodie. Waves can start the day small or moderate and grow rapidly to mast high plus on windy days. Beach break conditions. Spectacular jumping conditions, and wild wave riding conditions.

1. Nagoya International Airport (NGO) & drive 2 hours northeast to Omaezaki.
2. Tokyo, Narita international airport (NRT) & drive 4 hours southwest to Omaezaki.

Japan organizers will prepare a truck to bring equipment from Narita Airport to Omaezaki (competition site) on 13th and 14th . The truck driver will wait for all riders to come up the exit of airport (anytime is OK but they need to know your schedule! email organisers here email). For transport cost of equipment it depends on how many people share the truck. Likely it will be around USD $100-120 /one way. You cannot get a personal ride on the truck, windsurfing gear only. For personal transport you will need to get a train, rent a car at the Narita airport, or arrange with your local sponsor for a pick up trip.  From Narita to Kakegawa station it will take 3-3.5 hours by train ($85).  It will take around 4-4.5 hours by car from Narita to the beach. If you get to Kakegawa station, Japan organizers can pick you up at the station. 

Returning to Narita after the event Japan organizers will prepare the truck again. If you share a rental car with friends, the cost is very reasonable in Japan. Around $60 / a day for compact car (3-4 people can share). You may also rent a car in Omaezaki, after arriving. In case you want to rent a car in Omaezaki Japan organizers can arrange the car for you (email organisers here email). If you rent a car at Narita, please arrange it by yourself. Another option is that you contact to your sponsor and ask the Japanese distributor to help you with transport if you want to come earlier. Some riders will arrive earlier to train and it is suggested to ask the distributor directly in Japan.

There are 2 kinds of hotels in Japan. One (1)  is the Japanese style with Tatami room which do not have bed and without bathroom in the room. The other (2) is western style hotel, which is smaller than you expect but has a bathroom in the room with a standard small bed. Both include breakfast. Our recommend hotels are below:

  1. Japanese Style hotel
    Cost is $60 (includes breakfast and dinner) /only include breakfast $40 /no meals, only room $30.

Shared rooms may be necessary if the single room option is full. From this hotel you can get on the bus to the beach every morning during the event (only from hotel to beach and way back to hotel).

2. Western style hotel (we call it Business hotel) include breakfast and the room has bath and restroom but does not include dinner.
You need to eat out for dinner but there are some restaurants around hotel. It costs around $45. Single room only, you do not need to share the room:

If you decide to stay in the hotel, Japan organizers can help to book for you.
Please feel free to send an email if there are any questions.

IWT Omaezaki Japan Cup Video