Baja Desert Showdown

Destination Airport: Los Angeles (LAX) or San Diego international airport (SAN)

Transfers to Punta San Carlos, Baja: For Drive and camp, use the contact form below to be connected with other riders.

For fly-in all-inclusive contact:

Wavesailing Conditions: Starboard Tack – full wetsuit

Arrival and Departure: Saturdays are generally travel days for SoloSports guests.  This means competition will start on Sunday August 18 and will conclude on Friday August 23.

Description: Punta San Carlos, is located 275 miles south of San Diego, California. A secluded pristine coastal desert setting where majestic mountain mesas meet the deep blue Pacific. Punta San Carlos is well known for its mild surf option in front of the camp and the faster and more challenging ‘Chili-Bowl’ at ‘The Point’ making it a favorite for beginning wave sailors and Pros alike. Your host at PSC is SoloSports Adventure Holidays. If you book the full package with them, then transportation is provided by SoloSports via private plane from San Diego to the camp. Land transportation via coach van may also be an option upon request. The flight is an exhilarating, once in a lifetime experience flying directly in and out of the desert camp with just a small carry-on. SoloSPorts provides everything: boards, sails, sups, longboards, delicious food, unlimited snacks, cold beer, surf advice, coaching tips, photography, everything. Because the Punta San Carlos experience is so overwhelming, SoloSports has coined the phrase “you just don’t know, until you go

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