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The IWT Wave Tour

We’re proud to present the provisional 2022 calendar, with a truly legendary list of the worlds’ best wave riding locations. 2022 will see ongoing COVID-19 travel restrictions, so we encourage all riders to hold off booking definite travel plans until closer to the event dates when they can be confirmed. Each of the Wave Tour events will help riders earn overall ranking pints for the IWT Wave Tour and to qualify from Open Pro, Women, Youth, Masters, G.Masters and Open AM divisions into The IWT Grand Final Aloha Classic.

The IWT Calendar

Global window open 24/7/365.
Next Awards Night, April ’22.

The Provisional 2022 IWT Wave Tour
#1 Margaret River, Australia, February
#2 Omaezaki, Japan, March
#3 Topocalma, Chile, April
#3 Pacasmayo, Peru, May
#4 Pistol River, USA, June
#6 Baja, Mexico, August

*  Pro Men, Women, Youth (<20), Masters (45+)
*  The 2022 IWT Wave Tour will return with an overall wave title.  
*  Each Wave Tour event will be worth 100% points
*  The Grand Final Aloha Classic will be worth 200% points
*  Toward The 2022 IWT Wave Title.


The IWT Grand Final Aloha Classic

The Aloha Classic is the pinnacle event of our sport. The single most prestigious windsurfing event title in the world today. To earn a place in this elite event, riders qualify by competing at the earlier IWT Wave Tour events, or be granted one of the limited wild-cards (or be in the top PWA rankings with event partnership). This really is The Super Bowl of Windsurfing and the whole wave riding world tunes in to see the best of the best battle it out in the giant waves of mighty Ho’okipa Beach on Maui’s legendary North Shore. This event decides the overall IWT champions in 4 major divisions:

32 Open Pro*
16 Women*
16 Youth**
16 Masters**
16 G.Masters**
16 Open AM**

* the field for Open Pro will expand if PWA can partner
** Y+M+GM+OA divisions pending extended event window approval from Maui County
Champions crowned at the Aloha Closing Ceremony (PARTY).


The IWT Big Wave Challenge

To get the best big waves on the planet, this contest uses an online format (Covid-Safe), where riders and image makers enter a photo or video of their biggest wave rides using the hashtag #iwtbigwave on Instagram. An international panel of judges determines the biggest and best for Men, Women, Youth (<20) and now also Masters (45+). There are awards for the ‘all-time best’ and the ‘annual best’. We receive entries of giant waves from all across the planet, but by far the dominant big wave location is Pe’ahi (Jaws) on Maui’s north shore. This is where most of the top big wave riders base themselves to catch the biggest ridable waves from October through to March each year. This is the thunder-dome of windsurfing.

The IWT Big Wave Challenge
Global Window April 1 – March 31
Pe’ahi JAWS window October 1 – March 31
#1 Biggest Ride – photo + video categories
#2 Most Radical – photo + video categories
#3 Storm Rider – photo + video categories
#4 Worst Wipeout – photo + video categories
Winners announced at the IWT Big Wave Awards in April
Categories: All-Time Awards + Annual Awards
Divisions: Men, Women, Youth (<20), Masters (45+)