Aloha Classic Live Heat Playback


Day 2: Single Elimination Complete

Aloha Classic
Day 2: Sarah-Quita Offringa becomes Wave World Champion for third time after winning single elimination, while Marcilio Browne edges into world title race lead With a new 12 second swell…

Schedule for IWT Maui Aloha Classic 2018

Saturday, October 27th: 5-9pm: Rock & Brews: Evening Check in/Registration for all competitors

Sunday, October 28th: 9am: Opening Blessing Ceremony at Ho’okipa Beach
5pm: Mike Colee Memorial at Ho’okipa Beach

October 28th-November 10th: Contest running no more than 11 of the 14-day window

8pm: Notice of contest the following day: yes/no/maybe
9am: Notice of contest: yes/no/maybe
11am: Final notice of contest for the day: yes/no

Monday, October 29th: 5-9pm: Paia Bay Coffee

Wednesday, October 31st: Halloween in Paia Town

Friday, November 2nd: 7pm: Eternal Riders open Mic night

Saturday, November 3rd: Casanova Makawao

Wednesday, November 7th: 6-9pm: Adventure Sports Maui Cocktail Party

Thursday, November 8th: 5-9pm: Goya/Quatro Pauwela Cannery BBQ

Friday, November 9th: Second Wind

Saturday, November 10th: 7-10pm: Maui Country Club Closing Ceremony. Entry and Dinner included for riders and crew. Tickets for guests available for $25