Destination Airport: Santiago international airport (SCL) & drive 2 hours west.

Transfers to Mantanzas:  Contact Hotel Surazo to book transfers. Or rent a 4WD from Santiago International Airport and self-drive, the roads are pretty easy.

Accommodation in Mantanzas: Hotel Surazo – has a range of accommodation from shared bunk rooms, to luxury couple suits overlooking the bay. Contact the hotel for details and bookings.

Wavesailing Conditions: Port Tack – full steamer wetsuit, booties & hoodies optional

Description: The plan is we will base ourselves in Mantanzas (2 hours drive west from Santiago). The event will use the Hotel Surazo as our base of operations:

The hotel is celebrating its’ 10 year anniversary just like the IWT in 2019, so it’s going to be a major celebration event. The hotel offers a wide range of accommodation from bunk rooms to stunning private rooms with beautiful views. The restaurant at the Hotel offers exceptional food. Award wining level.

Competitors and friends of the event will stay in and around Mantanzas at any accommodation that suits them. Hotel Surazo is obviously strongly recommended but there are a lot of places in the area. So make your bookings in Mantanzas and the surrounding countryside as it suits you.

We will sail out front of the Hotel most days in the excellent port tack conditions there. This is where the event has been run for the last 2 years. It’s a great wave.

There will be clinics offering advice from some of the top riders on tour during the Mantanzas days. Video and photography is available to support those who want top level guidance in the clinics. You choose how much you’d like to spend, one hour with a pro on the water exclusive, in a small group, add a top level Videographer, you choose, and have fun with the learning process. The IWT will arrange these things for you so ask us for what you’d like.

When the forecast is right, when conditions are at their peak, with the biggest waves and perfect wind,  the IWT morning briefing, 9am at the Hotel Surazo, will call a GREEN LIGHT and it’s on! We will all drive in 4WD’s, 40 minutes south through rough terrain and sand dunes to reach the pristine coastline and wave riding mecca known as Topocalma. The IWT will establish a basic beach base using the 4WD’s, and we will run the event. Lean. Pure. In some of the best conditions in the wavesailing world. Topocalma Inferno!!!!!

All the action will be captured by our world class photographers and Videographers. The world renowned, Duncan Coombs will be the IWT Head Judge. His team of judges will include some of the most experienced judges in the wave riding world.

We are very unlikely to complete the entire contest in a single day, so we keep going back for more epic conditions until we complete all brackets in full. This could mean up to 3 full days heading to Topocalma.

If conditions at Topocalma are extreme the IWT will send out the Pros and top riders. The IWT will run heats for some divisions in more moderate waves, not always looking for extreme for everyone, but I’m sure everyone would love to ride at Topocalma at least once in their life! The IWT wants all riders, of all levels, to have a great time in the waves and on these adventures with the IWT family.

Going to Topocalma means competitors and friends traveling to Mantanzas will need to bring their own 4WD’s. A 4WD is essential. Please do not try to drive to Topocalma in a standard car. Please do not assume someone will take you unless you have made specific plans with someone with a 4WD.

2017 Event Video