Destination Airports: Portland international airport (PDX) & drive 7 hours south. Or San Fransisco International Airport (SFO) & drive 7 hours north. Medford International Airport (MFR) is the closest at around a 4 hour drive. It is a smaller airport and somewhat limited, but worth looking into. Rental cars are available.

Accommodation in Gold Beach:
Contact: InnoftheBeachcomber.com for all bookings and be sure to mention that you are coming for the IWT Pistol River Wave Bash to secure your discount. Normal base rates are US$50/night for a twin room and US$70/night for view room. Variations are available (some including a private spa on a private deck), but prices may vary. Email is info@innofthebeachcomber.com, but the best way to book is by telephone 1-888-690-2378. Competitor rates are available upon request, so don’t forget to mention it.

Wavesailing Conditions: Starboard Tack – full steamer wetsuit, booties & hoodie optional.

Description: The IWT Pistol River Wave Bash is back for the 10th anniversary in 2019. We’re all insured, permitted and set to run the contest at “The Rock” in the Pistol River State Park, or if conditions warrant, in front of the Beachcomber in Gold Beach. The call will be announced at each morning’s skipper’s meeting at the Inn of The Beachcomber. The Pistol River contest area is accessed from the gravel parking area just off highway 101, we park and walk the gear 200m down to the beach through the coastal vegetation and set up at ‘The Rock’ in the middle of the open sandy beach – this amazing place is 10 Minutes’ drive south from the little coastal town, Gold Beach, where we all stay.

Questions: If you have any further questions, or would like to share accommodation with other riders, please send a message below.

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