2022 Beachcomber US Wave Titles Set to Start

The 2022 Beachcomber US Wave Titles formerly known as the Pistol River Wave Bash is set to start with a bang. With a changing weather pattern, the wind looks to shift to a favorable direction this coming Sunday with some good swell in the water.

Riders have been arriving all week, looking forward to the big winds that Southern Oregon generally provides. We expect a very good show! The beautiful photography from FishBowl Diaries will be there, and Mattéo Nativelle will also be there to record some stunning video!

Schedule for the opening will be a 5pm registration Saturday, June 11th at the Pacific Reef Hotel in Gold Beach, Oregon. If you have not signed up yet, be sure to register online and/or stop in to confirm your spot in the event! There will be drinks and a bbq, so come sign up! Event setup will take place 9AM Saturday, so everyone is invited to lend a hand for that. First possible start will be Sunday morning at 10:30AM, so get ready! It’s going to be a great show and lots of fun.