The International Windsurfing Tour’s Pistol River Wave Bash is back for the eighth year in a row. Starting on Wednesday the 7th of June and running though Sunday the 11th, we’re all insured, permitted up and set to run the contest at “The Rock” in the Pistol River State Park, or if conditions warrant, in front of the Beachcomber in Gold Beach. The call will be announced at each morning’s skipper’s meeting. So if you are going to be a part of this year’s event, please REGISTER NOW and encourage your friends to sign up as well. Registration goes far to help build and encourage sponsorship for the event, which of course translates into better beer, more schwag, and more potential prize money. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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Dana Miller with the May update

It’s been a rather windy Spring already and we’ve had some swell running pretty much the whole time. There were fourteen sailable days in April and twelve already in May. The ocean temp has been running in the low fifties until very recently. Sail sizes are all over the place. I’ve been riding everything from 3.5 to 5.7 in the last couple months. But mostly 5.0 and 4.0. There’s a lot of sand at the Rock and I’m predicting a good year for that spot. A lot of people have been asking me about the contest and stoke seems to prevail.

But in the way of full disclosure, it’s not quite all sweetness and light out here. The ocean temps just dropped into the forties with that last blow. The red tide is in large again. The winds, while plentiful, have been streaky and weird for the most part. A bit challenging for sure. Chubbs just broke a mast the day before at the Rock and had a rough time getting back in as the current was sweeping him most the way to the river mouth. But other than all that, Pistol has been on fire and Spring is the new Summer. So be ready for heavy duty.

While it’ll probably warm right back up in time for the event, you still might want to bring some extra rubba. Booties might be a good idea too. And don’t forget the floaty board just in case it’s light on the inside. And please feel welcome to email me at if there’s anything else you’d like to know or if there’s something we can do to help make your trip rock. With respect and gratitude.