Fiji Surf Pro Finals Wrapped

Fiji Pro
Sarah Hauser Over the past week I’ve contributed a piece of writing covering the experience of a competitor, a loser, and I will conclude by sharing my experience as a spectator. I think we can agree that the big winners coming out of this event were the spectators, its never been a better time to…
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Fiji Surf Pro Competition Resumes

Fiji Pro
Leon Jamaer Day 2 of competition featured the Men’s Quarter Finals. The remaining 16 were accompanied by many of the original fleet in a 2hr warm-up/free-sail. Upon arrival to the break in our village longboats, it was clear that the swell, predicted to build through the day into Monday, was slow in coming in. An…
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Day 2: Fiji Surf Pro

Fiji Pro
Robby Swift Day 2 of the Fiji Surf Pro was in many ways a celebration. A welcome day of respite from the anxious tension that preceded Day 1, and the hyper-stoke that accompanied it. Opening ceremonies were postponed until Day 2 to provide the opportunity for Round 1 to run on Day 1, conditions being…
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• 5 Star event on the Unified PWA IWT Wave Tour.
• 100% Points toward the Rider Rankings and World Titles.
• Prize Pool: USD $20,000
• Event window: 12 days = June 1-11  (inclusive).
• Comp venue: Cloudbreak = traditional name Kurukuru.
• Approvals: exclusive use 12 noon to 6pm for 3-5 days.
• Divisions: Open Pro + Women + Masters for Media
• Qualification Criteria:
(1) 2023 Rider Rankings
(2) 2022 PWA/IWT
(3) Wild Cards
• Format: 4 rider heats. 2 Advance. Single Elim / Double Elim if time allows.
• Women: 8 registered riders = 100% points.
* 7 riders = 90%. 6 riders =80%. 5 riders =70%. 4 riders =60%.


• Destination Airport: Nadi International, Fiji
• Preferred Airline: Fiji Airways is offering to support event riders with 2 x 30kg oversized bags checked in for FREE when checking in at a FA desk and on FA flights.
• Fiji Airways flights only: does not extend to other carriers.
• We hope this saves you all some money and we are grateful to FA for their support.
• TRANSFERS: BY Fiji Surf Co – They will arrange all airport transfers.


• PHOTOS: Fish Bowl Diaries Paul & Sofie photography for each of you.
• DRONE #1: Paul van Bellen drone footage for each of you – for you to use as you wish.
• DRONE #2: MATTEO NATIVELLE for drone and water shots.
• CINEMATOGRAPHY: Jace Panebianco the legend.
• SOCIAL MEDIA: Tritian YG graphics, posts, stories, updates, interviews with each of you.
• LIVE: LiveHeats scoring, live heat progression, a new integrated app with partner.
• TOURISM FIJI: National and international media support
• EVENT VIDEO: PvB, TYG, MN all to be released soon after the event.
• EVENT PR: PRONTO Australian based PR support.
• NATGEO: Guillermo Cervera covering the event for National Geographic.
• FIJI AIRWAYS: Including the event video for in-flight entertainment.


• Head Judge: Angela Cochran
• Scoring Judges: Jessica Crisp, Jane Seman, Simeon Glasson, Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Sigrid Degrieck.
• Local all Fijian crew to make it all happen – vinaka!


* IWT is partnering with traditional local villages
* IWT is partnering with FIJI AIRWAYS
* IWT is partnering with VODAFONE FIJI
* IWT is partnering with THE FIJI SURF CO:
* IWT is partnering with TOURISM FIJI:
* IWT is partnering with local traditional sun protection – BATI PROTECTOR
* IWT is partnering with BAYVIEW COVE RESORTi:
* IWT is partnering with VICTORIA WINES.