Event name: IWT Omaezaki Japan Cup
Location: Omaezaki Long Beach, Omaezaki City, Shizuoka ,Japan.
Event Prize Pool: USD $15,000
Youth World Cup: Youth results will count toward the overall Youth World Cup Rankings.
Divisions: Pro Men, Women, Youth (<20), Masters (45+), Grand Masters (55+) and Open (Amateur)
Best Airport for arrival: Narita International Airport, Tokyo
Transfer options for Equipment & Riders:
    • From Narita Airport, Tokyo: Equipment pick up form Narita available on 1st March and 2nd MarchThe truck will be waiting for the whole day during those 2 days at Narita Airport. The cost of equipment transfer, to Omaezaki and return to Narita Airport, Tokyo (or Henada Airport – outer Tokyo), is USD $150 (round trip all inclusive) but this is for equipment ONLY.
    • Riders will pass equipment to truck driver in front of airport – exact location details to come.
    • The truck will fill up with rider equipment and then take it all from Narita Airport, Tokyo to the fully secure Omaezaki event site. 
    • The truck will then also fill up with rider equipment from Haneda Airport Tokyo on 2nd March in the EVENING ONLY. We encourage riders to choose Naritia Airport for easier planning.
    • Once riders drop off their equipment to the truck, riders will then make their own way to Omaezaki via the train line located within the airport, and get on train to Kakegawa station. It is then possible for event organisers to pick up riders from Kakegawa station – it only takes 40 minutes from Omaezaki by car – station pick up will be coordinated by phone call, email, text message via facebook messenger to event organisers – details to come – travelling in groups is strongly encouraged, to reduce the number of trips for the event organisers, and improving efficiency for all.
    • The train trip costs around $100 for ONE WAY from Narita to Kakegawa station, or $80 from Haneda to Kakegawa station. 
    • Note 1:  that there are no transfer arrangements for Nagoya this year.
    • Note 2: Last year event organizers picked riders up at Narita Airport in Tokyo, but it was inefficient because it is a long trip from Narita to Omaezaki (around 5 hours without traffic jam). It will takes about 3 hours by train so that is much faster and more comfortable for riders.
Rider Accommodation Option 1 – lowest cost very cool traditional Japan:
This primary recommended accommodation is the traditional Japanese style hotel, where some riders stayed over the last 2 days of the competition in 2019: https://www.o-nakanishi.com/. Event organizers have reserved rooms to make them available for riders to rent at very affordable prices – Nakanishi now accepts credit cards:
    • 3500 including breakfast (roughly USD $33/night)
    • 3000 without breakfast (roughly USD $28/night)
Rider Accommodation Option 2 – more privacy business hotel:
IWT staff will stay at the business style hotel, same as last year: http://www.kuretake-inn.com/omzk/ . Riders who want to stay in a more private room should stay at this business style hotel, the cost is a little higher but still very good value:
    • 5000 including breakfast (roughly USD $46/night)
Hotel Gen is also availablehttp://www.hotel-gen.co.jp/omaezaki/
Almost same price and style as Kuretake and very close each.
Rider Daily Routine Details:
    • The traditional Japanese hotel, Nakanishi, is within walking distance.
    • The business hotel, Kuretake, has a shuttle to the event site.  (15 minutes to the beach by shuttle bus)
    • All equipment is left on site with 24 hour security, yes can be left fully rigged, there are small tents but most gear is left on open grassed areas.
    • It is pretty cold, 4/3 wetsuits, some ride with hoodies, some even booties and gloves. but this year crazy warm…
    • Please note that lunch is not included in registration. Food is available locally at good prices, fresh drinking water on site.

2019 IWT Omaezaki Japan Cup Video