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Day 2, Part 2 Japan Omaezaki Pro

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February 19-25, 2024

5 Star 100% Rider Ranking Points

Prize Money
USD $20,000 Women & Men Wave
Prize money to be distributed:
1st Man / Woman USD $4,000
2nd Man / Woman USD $3,000
3rd Man / Woman USD $2,000
4th Man / Woman USD $1,000

Omaezaki is world famous as a wild windsurfing destination. Back in the 90’s Omaezaki hosted the SOMETIME WORLD CUP which was the richest windsurfing event in the world. It was absolutely gigantic. The IWT event in 2019 was the first time a major international wave event ran in Japan since the boom years of the 90’s. Now with the Unified PWA IWT Wave Tour, this event is back on top of the world where it belongs. The local passion never stopped and the local windsurfing community is extremely well organized and motivated. They have a kids club with over 50 youth riders participating in wave-sailing clinics across the year. Japan has a VERY significant windsurfing scene. One of the strongest in the world. This event celebrates and showcases that incredible local power. Welcome to Japan!

Presented by the IWT in partnership with the Professional Windsurfing Association
Event Title Sponsor: SPiCARE skin care
Event Supporting Sponsor: Omaezaki City
Event Local Organising Body: JWA with the IWT

Rules Sanction and Status
This event is run by the IWT Wave Tour rules and regulations and by the Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) Rulebook and is sanctioned by the PWA as a World Cup status event as part of the 2023 PWA World Tour. Together these form THE WAVE TOUR rules and regulations. 

Competition Details
The competition will take place at Omaezaki beach, in Omaezaki city from the 19th to the 25th of February, 2024. Registration will take place on 19th February from 9:00am at HQ.

Equipment brand and sail colors for identification will be confirmed during registration. Equipment is unlimited in customization, but all brands used must have paid the Industry fees due before their team riders may compete.  The competition format will be the Wave Tour 4 rider Dingle if conditions are plentiful, and the single if conditions are limited. 

Official Functions
There will be a mandatory opening ceremony on the 19th at 10:00am.
Official Party will be held on the 24th at 18:30pm at
The closing ceremony will be on the 25th at 4:00pm (this may be delayed if competition is ongoing) . Meeting point for the closing ceremony will be at HQ. Attendance at both ceremonies is mandatory for all competitors. They should make their flight and travel arrangements accordingly.

IWT Omaezaki Japan Cup Video