Arnie Reports from Waddell

“Anyway, it’s been windy the last two weeks, with good swells mostly in the head high to logo+ range. Winter finally left with a bang late March, after 14 consecutive days with rain… ugh. Since March 28 we’ve had wind almost everyday, which is normal for this time of year. How windy? Well, yesterday I was at Waddell out on a 4.5 Goya Eclipse and 85L Quatro quad in a 14ft @ 17sec NW swell. I was pretty lit most of the time. Lighter guys (I am 210lbs dry) were on 4.0s and smaller. The wind was perfect side shore, and the waves held up real nice, peeling, and good for 3-5 turns. Awesome. Unfortunately the rain storms from March ate all sand away from waddell’s beach, but it’s already starting to slowly fill back in. Hopefully by the time the contest is, we’ve got some decent sand levels. If not, it’s slip and slide over the rocks/reef and the waves will break top to bottom HARD on a low tide, compared to when there’s sand. Otherwise, it’s been mostly the regular ~5.0 days for me. Today is another mid 20mph day, and the forecast calls for at least 3 more days out of five in the 15-25mph wind range. Yep, the season is here and it’s looking good. Hopefully this trend will continue well into May! Btw, attached a picture of me at Davenport last week, showing what conditions to expect during the contest.”