AWT Maui Makani Classic Day 4

Event directors wasted no time jumping right into competition. Shortly after the skipper’s meeting, the heat order picked up where we left off from yesterday. We progressed through Youth, Amateur, and Women’s divisions today – finishing up their single eliminations and moving into the double eliminations for some.

Here’s a recap of the Single Elimination results for the four completed divisions:

WOMEN: 1. Junko Nagoshi 2. Anne-Marie Reichman 3. Ingrid Larouche 4. Shawna Cropas

MASTERS: 1. Jeff Henderson 2. Giampaolo Cammarota 3. Yasuhito Ogasawara 4. Rob Funk

YOUTH: 1. Morgan Noireaux 2. Bernd Roediger 3. Zane Schweitzer 4. Ridge Lenny

AMATEURS 1. Jehyug Jay Lee 2. Neil Turpin 3. Jordan Reid 4. Nick Dudet

The Expert division still has three heats in round three, two heats in the semi-final round, and a final heat yet to run before their single elimination is completed. Postponing the Expert division is in hopes that the wave size increases and the wind remains steady – two factors that could make for a very exciting final heat.