Final Results after Day 3

Competition started at 11am allowing time for the completion of all the single eliminations and final double eliminations for the Youth, Women and Masters divisions. We’re keeping the results of the Expert and Amateur classes a secret for now, but we will tell you that the Expert final was a stacked heat including Kevin Pritchard, Francisco Goya, Nathan Mershon and Morgan Noireaux.

Youth Double Elimination Final:
1st – Bernd Roediger
2nd – Morgan Noireaux
3rd – Jordan Reid
4th – Nick Dudet
5th – Harley Stone
Womens Double Elimination Final:
1st – Ingrid Larouche
2nd – Carmen Tsu
3rd – Leah Doran
4th – Kathryn Fisher
5th – Natasha Kowalski

Masters Double Elimination Final:
1st – Brian Caserio
2nd – Reed Nelson
3rd – Macrae Wylde
4th – Atilla Tivador
5th – Royn Bartholdi