Q & A for Santa Cruz Classic

Here are a few common questions for the Santa Cruz Classic:
1) will lunch/food/refreshments be provided by the tour during competition days? There will be a vendor at the beach selling lunch each day of contest. AWT will provide water for competitors.
2) does one have to attend the opening ceremonies on Wednesday for registration (isn’t registration normally during skippers meeting?) Competitors and fans are encouraged to come to the Davenport Roadhouse on Wednesday. All competitors need to check in between 5-7. AWT is providing dinner for all competitors from 7-8. Music will be by Wave Train from 8-10pm. If you are a competitor and not able to attend the check in on Wednesday, please have a friend check in for you.
3) can non-competitors free-sail during the contest, or should they preferably choose an other spot (or at least stay outside of the contest area). Non-competitors are more than welcome to sail outside the contest area during the event.