Rider of the Week

Meryl Haywood


My name is Meryl Haywood. I was born and raised in Paia, Maui Hawaii. My earliest memories were in our first house on Baldwin avenue. I remember the ocean view and the sugar mill and its smoke stack close by. It always made so much noise. My Dad, mom and brother were all windsurfers so i had to learn and I’m so glad i did. I started when i was nine. I also have a passion for painting. I am currently enrolled as a student in the Florence Academy Of Art in Florence Italy. I intend to be a famous artist one day. My Favorite place to sail would have to be Ho’okipa. I just feel at home there. I windsurf because it feels good to my soul. Fred Haywood Realty is my sponsor. I ride Goya sails…i love them! My goals for 2012 would have to be becoming a better painter and Better windsurfer..better person overall..to bring more love and compassion into this world. 🙂 I think people can create AnYthing in life…Its You who creates Your reality. You decide your life and it will be. Its whatever you focus on you become.
Photos: Jimmie Hepp