Rider of the Week

Naish Rider Nathan Mershon


What was one of your favorite experiences from the 2011 AWT?

Obviously I had a fantastic experience on the 2011 Tour. Besides all of the amazing sailing we had, I made some new friends and got to reconnect with others I hadn’t seen in years. It brought back a lot of good memories while creating new ones. What really stood out to me on the Tour was that no matter what event we were at, there was always a good vibe at the beach. It was cool to see so many people from all different walks of life coming together for the love of windsurfing.
What are you looking forward to most about the 2012 AWT?

I’m actually really looking forward to the Hatteras event this year. I was sorry last year’s event had to be cancelled due to the destruction caused by Hurricane Irene. Hopefully they are able to rebuild and will come back stronger than ever.

Photo: Trudy Lary

Photo: www.amorphiaphotography.com