Santa Cruz Delivers For Goya Windsurfing Festival

The AWT scores for the first event of 2012 with killer wind and waves at Waddell Beach. Day two marked the completion of almost a full single elimination bracket (only a couple heats are left in the Amateurs and Masters divisions) with two more days in store to complete the single and run the double elimination. Highlights included:

  • Brawzinho’s Double forwards
  • Levi Siver’s planing Wave 360s
  • Bernd Roediger ripping his way into the final
  • Overall high level of sailing talent

Santa Cruz Goya Windsurfing Festival Single Elimination Rankings

1 Levi Siver1 Ingrid LaroucheROUND 1ROUND 2ROUND 3
2 Marcilio Browne2 Sam BittnerJordan Reid20
3 Graham Ezzy3 Fiona WyldeHarley Stone13
4 Bernd Roediger4 Leah DoranCasey Rehrer42
5 Camille Juban5 Cat TaiNick Dudet31
5 Kevin Pritchard5 Lindsey VitortFiona Wylde54
7 Josh Stone7 Natasha Kowalski
7 Kai Katchadourian7 Kathryn Fisher
7 Nathan Mershon
10 Tyson Poor
10 Francisco goya
10 Russ Faurot
13 Bryan Metcalf-Perez
13 Derek Mangan
13 Diego Femenias
13 Kevin McGillivray
13 Leo Ray
13 Tom Burlingame
19 Arnout Ter Schure
19 Casey Hauser
19 Jaipal Tuttle
19 Nick Dudet
19 Nico Cailly

Men’s Pro