Santa Cruz Goya Windsurfing Festival Wrap-up

The Santa Cruz Goya Windsurfing Festival is in the books and will be remembered for years to come as an epic contest. We had amazing wind and waves over two days of competition. What a great way to kick off the 2012 AWT tour. Davenport Surf and Sail hosted an incredible closing party where all the winners and $5,000 prize money was awarded. Thanks to everyone who helped out and supported this great event. See you all at Pistol River next month.

Final Results

1 Levi Siver1 Ingrid Larouche1 Harley Stone1 Reed Nelson1 Jerry McKay
2 Marcilio Browne2 Sam Bittner2 Nick Dudet2 Brian Caserio2 Alex Poore
3 Graham Ezzy3 Fiona Wylde3 Casey Rehrer3 Seth Levy3 Dave Robinson
4 Bernd Roediger4 Leah Doran4 Fiona Wylde4 Attila Tivadar3 Chris Freeman
5 Camille Juban5 Cat Tai5 Jordan Reid5 David Robinson5 Seth Levy
5 Kevin Pritchard5 Lindsey Vitort5 Jeff Albright5 Casey Rehrer
7 Josh Stone7 Natasha Kowalski5 MacRae Wylde7 Reed Nelson
7 Kai Katchadourian7 Kathryn Fisher8 Gerritt Rutgers7 Jeff Albright
9 Nathan Mershon8 Mike Colee9 Attila Tivadar
9 Francisco Goya10 Joe Klein9 Bruce Dilbeck
11 Tyson Poor10 Jaipal Tuttle11 Johnny Poore
11 Leo Ray10 Eric Wallace11 Brett Greene
13 Russ Faurot12 Peter Kimball11 Ian Cooper
13 Bryan Metcalf-Perez12 Clayton Philippart14 Luke Mathison
13 Nico Cailly14 Dwight Bode14 Ruben Lemmens
16 Derek Mangan14 Carlos Toste14 Tem Grondquist
16 Tom Burlingame14 James Lundin17 MacRae Wylde
16 Casey Hauser14 Ed Scott17 Jordan Reid
19 Diego Femenias17 Marc Bitoun
19 Kevin McGillivrayGRAND MASTERS17 Daryl Barber
19 Nick Dudet1 Bruce Dilbeck21 Eric Wallace
22 Arnout Ter Schure2 Eric Welty21 Tony Litke
22 Jaipal Tuttle3 Joe Ray21 Harley Stone
4 Chris Gerrie21 James Van
25 Ernie Thurlough
25 Alex Barker
25 Johannes Neumann
25 Chris Gerrie
29 Jeff Kayes
29 Tom Evans
29 Brian Harris
32 Liam Grist
32 Sean Williams
32 Mike Colee