Top Finishers

The Winners are…
After two long days and a full double elimination in the books the results are in! Here are your winners…
1st Nathan Mershon
2nd Josh Stone
3rd Boujmaa Gouilloul

1st Morgan Noireaux
2nd Bernd Roediger
3rd Zane Schweitzer

1st Ingrid Larouche
2nd Miho Tanaka
3rd Christine Vogt

1st Royn Bartholdi
2nd Atilla Tivadar
3rd Dana Miller

1st MacRae Wylde
2nd Casey Rehrer
3rd Ingrid Larouche

Network TV Coverage
The Pistol River Wave Bash reached a ton of people around southern Oregon and northern California through an excellent report by Chris Breece of KDRV TV, the Medford station for the ABC network. CLICK HERE to watch the full report.