AWT Talks Defi Wind Maui

AWT talks with Defi Wind to make an event on Maui. The Defi Wind Maui July 9th-12th, 2015!

“Working on the idea since a few years, my last encounter with Sam Bittner was decisive …
Put a Defi Wind Maui … and push even further the basics of windsurfing.
Undoubtedly the beginning of a new and beautiful story …
Defi Wind world tour is on track.
Enjoy & Play with us !”
-Philippe Bru / Defi Wind General Manager

“I attended the Defi Wind Gruissan in 2013 and knew right away I knew would love to see an event like this in Maui. Philippe Bru and I met up in Tahiti this past week for a racing event and when we talked about the idea of working together to create the Defi Wind Maui it was a perfect match! Our goal for the first year is 500 windsurfers at Kanaha. I am looking forward to working with Bru and making this dream a reality!”
-Sam Bittner / American Windsurfing Tour Director