Cactus Cup–Day 4

Graham Ezzy’s Goiters dominate Day 4
The venue changed for the Cactus Cup’s fourth day with the competition taking place directly in front of the SoloSports camp. Graham Ezzy put on a show with is one-handed Goiters and Takas. It was another windy day with plenty of logo-high sets rolling through from the Bombora towards the point.

Ripping Ladies:
Tanya Saleh won her second single elimination in a row taking the lead from Miho Tanaka, who won the first elimination. Event organizer Sam Bittner took second on day 4 while all the women put on a show in the perfect conditions.

Morgan Noireaux gets highest scoring wave… ever!
In the expert final Morgan Noireaux picked up the wave of the day and made the most of it scoring a “9” out of 10. The is the best score yet on the American Windsurfing Tour so far. Congrats to Morgan.
Ruben Lemmons’ first time
San Carlos is not just about windsurfing as the surfing, SUPing, biking, etc. are all world class. Here is the photo evidence of Ruben Lemmon’s first time getting covered-up at the point.

Day 4 Results:

Day 3 Updated Results: