Cloudbreak, Women Take the Stage

Yesterday was a day for the women. With great wind and the swell holding, the ladies took to the water around 1:00. The women would run consecutive Finals as there were just 4 elite women here, Jessica Crisp (AUS), Angela Cochran (HI), Jane Seman (AUS), and Kate Barker (AUS).

The first heat saw the ladies trading set waves, but it was Jane who seemed most in tune with Cloudbreak. Jane has been out surfing on the lay days, and you can see she is very familiar with the pace of the wave. Jessica and Angela were quite an even match going wave for wave pushing harder at each opportunity. Kate was a late arrival, and was figuring out the wave on the fly. She did an incredible job putting down some critical turns, and surviving a big wipeout on the upper section. She masterfully navigated the inside dry section without breaking down, and getting herself back out for more waves.

The second heat ended similarly to the first, with Jane taking first once again. Angela and Jessica swapped positions, while Kate continued her smooth riding, but still came up in the 4th position. The final rank had Jane winning 1st, Angela and Jessica tying for second, and Kate taking 4th.

Today will showcase the Pro men in a new swell, which is forecast to be similar to the first day of competition. Additionally, we will have a Masters “fun” heat with Simeon Glasson, Björn Dunkerbeck, and Kai Katchadourian.

Tune in to the Livecast to see it all this afternoon. All heats will go up on our YouTube page, if you can’t watch it live.