Day 0 (Travel Day) SoloSports Desert Showdown

Welcome to the first first of our reports from Mexico, considering the limited connectivity in the desert we have time delayed our reports by one week so that you can follow in real time. We will not release the results until exactly one week after the action has happened!


34 AWT riders from 11 countries made the now annual migration south from San Diego via Tijuana, Ensenada, El Rosario and the infamous 60km dirt road, which leads to the Solo Sports camp who are our hosts for this contest. Upon arrival late in the afternoon on Saturday, the AWT convoy was greeted with small, long waves and plenty of cross offshore winds. It was only about 15 minutes before the arriving crew were already hitting the water and heading to the Bombora wave at the point in front of the camp.


For those who have not visited San Carlos before, the first day is always one of shock and awe. The sheer beauty of this remote desert wilderness and ocean playground take some time to adjust too. The lack of internet and western comforts for some are frustrating at first. It is not long until even the most Gigabyte hungry members of the group readjust and transform into a more relaxed and free state of mind! If you are looking for a life changing experience then consider finding a way to spend some time in the desert with Kevin Trejo, Joey, Tim, and the rest of the Solo Sports crew. Be warned freeing yourself from the toxicity of modern life can get addicting.