Day 1, Fiji Pro Invitational Opening Ceremony

The FIJI PRO Invitational was opened by the Minister of Commerce Trade Tourism & Transport, the Honorable Faiyaz Siddiq Koya, superstar pop icon Laisa Vulakoro, opera singers, traditional Batti Warriors in full war dress with a traditional Kava ritual, and all followed by a gigantic all night party. Welcome to Fiji!!!

The people of Fiji are strong and proud and put on a truly extraordinary show for the ceremony. The IWT riders and crew were humbled by the generosity and  grandeur of the event.

42 x World Champion Bjorn Dunkerbeck reminded us of a conversation at the premier of the RIDERS movie back in January 2020 at the Boot Dusseldorf Boat Show where we discussed the dream tour and what that might look like. Fiji and Cloudbreak was right at the top of the dream list. Three and a half years later, after a global shutdown and hardship for so many, we find ourselves here in Fiji and it’s real. The dream becoming reality.

None of this would be possible without the powerful partnership of Ian Muller and his Fiji Surf Co. When we first started looking at how to run the event we had a crucial good tip from Zane Schweitzer. Zane said, “if your going to Fiji for an event, you have to talk to Ian. He’s the the man.” Zane, you were 100% right. Ian Muller is the champion of the Fiji Surf Law passed by the Government in 2012 that enshrined a Fijian commitment to free and open surf access. He is passionate about Fiji and empowering Fijians and he has proven to be the best possible Event Director for this event. Vinaka Ian Muller.

We must also thank the honorable Minister in his role representing the people of Fiji for his powerful support of this local run enterprise. Vinaka the Honorable Faiyaz Siddiq Koya, Minister of Commerce Trade Tourism & Transport.

With so much positive good vibes, the IWT Wave Tour riders and crew are excited about the future.