Fiji Pro, Early Sessions

The FIJI PRO Invitational has been all lay days thus far, but that doesn’t mean riders have been sitting idle.  The first windy day offered a chance to head down to the local beach and teach some lessons to the kids.  Fiji Surf Co. has a nice set of beginner gear, and with the help of some pro windsurfers, the local kids were off and sailing in no time.  There couldn’t be a more idyllic place to learn to windsurf than the pristine blue waters in the bay at Natadola Fiji.

While the inside of the bay is perfect for learning to windsurf, a mile or 2 offshore, there is an exposed reef with a powerful left to ride.  It is not a perfect wave at this size, but it does offer multiple sections, and a crazy “hook” section on the end bowl.  Riders had fun trying to line up the last section for big turns and aerials. You definitely didn’t want to crash because there was a nice dry reef on the inside section.  Fortunately everyone, gear and body, returned unscathed.

Yesterday offered the first windsurf session at the spot we all came here for, Cloudbreak.  The waves were still small, but that didn’t stop the fun.  Enjoy a selection of photos from the first day on the water.

We are all watching the forecast closely, hoping to get the best that Cloudbreak has to offer during the event window.    There are multiple swells coming, but lining up the wind and waves on the same day is proving a bit tricky.  Confidence is high however, that the first rounds will be run by the weekend, and a follow up swell with good wind and waves looks to fill in right after.

Responding to the question of whether this event will be livestreamed or not, there is still not a firm answer with a lot of moving parts yet to be sorted.  At a minimum all action will be recorded, and the legendary Kai Katchadourian is here to lend his voice.  So, whether it is broadcast 100% live or shortly thereafter, we will make it available for all to watch.  So stay tuned for more updates on when and where to watch!