Fiji Pro: Ready to Go

Press Release 1

The 2023 FIJI SURF PRO brings the worlds best riders to the worlds best wave at Cloudbreak, Kurukuru, to showcase the most radical wave riding the world has ever seen.

The worlds attention on Fiji will be focused on the upcoming best wind and waves for the event window June 1-11. Qualifying Days lead to the dramatic FINALS DAY which will be live broadcast around the world to hungry wave riding fans. Live streaming will broadcast all contest days, beginning June 4th.  Any competition run prior will be filmed and media will be released. Live scoring will always be available on our event page.

FBC Sports will be the prime tv production source, bringing their legendary sports coverage prowess to the outer reefs of stunning Fiji. Head of Production Jamie Toro is excited to show off Fiji’s production power.

The event features 32 pro men and an elite 8 women who are set to dazzle the world with ultra radical wave riding, charging 20 foot plus monsters and electrifying the surfing and wave riding world.

A star studded field of multiple world champions, and the cutting edge of young talent from around the planet, will be a true sporting spectacle.

Live Scores and webcast will be found at

Behind the Scenes with Paul van Bellen