The AWT Crew Arrives in Peru

The first of the competitors and AWT staff have arrived in Pacasmayo for the 3rd edition of the AWT Pacasmayo Classsic. Each of the days have been filled with action. Riders have been keeping busy with morning surfs, sightseeing around the local area of Pacasmayo, and finally windsurfing in the afternoon as the wind builds. Small waves and light wind are currently on tap, but a very promising forecast looms for the coming days, including for the event window.


Tour regulars Levi Siver, Morgan Noireaux, and Bernd Roediger are all looking very strong. AWT newcomer Forest Ladkin, (Australia) also looks to make a strong push, as he is sailing very well. It will be interesting to see how things change as the waves start pumping a little more, and the moves start getting a little bigger.


I am stoked to be in Peru for the Pacasmayo Classic 2014, and for the first time joining the AWT family. I am looking forward to some great port tack wave sailing. This place has some of the world’s best lefts, incredibly long rides, nice weather with comfortable water temperature. The fact that the event is located in Peru initially caught my attention, I had never been to South America before which got me extra excited to go. I have been wanting to join the AWT for a few years and being here now, hanging out with this great crowd, feels wonderful” David Holmqvist, Sweden


“I feel really happy of having Peru as a part of the AWT for the third year, and that everyone can experience Pacasmayo and this perfect long left waves. We are not many windsurfers in Peru so I’m normally sailing with only few people and it is amazing for me to windsurf with the Tour pros and learn from them and also with other girls and have so much fun on the water. Right now we are in El Faro Adventure Resort waiting for the swell to come, which luckily will be in the competition days; so we are all looking forward to have excellent conditions and a great event atmosphere. Hopefully we will be running this event on the next years and you are all invited to join us and I will happily host you in our beautiful Peru 🙂 !” Carolina Butrich

“Arriving back in Peru this year, we opted for a short connection to TRU which saved some time. Perhaps next year we’ll ensure there is a little more time. It took some effort, more than a few strong words of persuasion, and plenty of running to ensure that we made it onto our connecting flight with all of our gear! On arrival at the El Faro Adventure Resort, once again we were treated with some magically long waves. While the predicted swell has not yet hit, the riders have been working on their port tack sailing in the waist to head high waves at the Point. The wide international field boasts a number of new tourists from across the globe, and it has been amazing to see riders mixing it up and pushing each other already. We are still a number of days away from the start of the contest, but no wave is going un-ridden, and the mood in the camp is good. ” Chris Freeman, AWT Head Judge