The IWT Arrives in Peru

Russ Faurot

Contestants and crew are settling in nicely at our host, the El Faro Adventure Resort. Early arrivals were greeted with nice swell and wind, allowing them time to tune up their gear in advance of the 2017 Pacasmayo Classic. With a good forecast, we are looking forward to an exciting week of competition.

Morgan Noireaux

The IWT crew headed to Bar Insta in Huanchaco on Thursday, August 31st for a press conference to present the upcoming Pacasmayo Wave Classic to the Peruvian Press for distribution in Trujillo and Lima. Thank you to primary press conference sponsors Bar Insta and Pisco Tres Cruces as well as Nature Valley, Agua San Luis and Powerade for their support.

Morgan Noireaux, Jaime Rojas Melgarejo, William Perez Cabrera, Sam Bittner, Bettina Gonzalez

Chris Freeman

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