The IWT is Proud to Announce an Expanded Calendar For 2022

Press Release: The 2022 IWT Wave Tour Calendar
Maui, Hawaii, USA

The IWT is proud to announce an expanded calendar for the 2022 Wave Tour.

The IWT Wave Tour presents the waves, the riders, and the dream, for all to enjoy.

Come one, come all! The IWT Wave Tour is for YOU! From the fun and inclusive OPEN division riders, to YOUTH riders learning the ropes from the greats, to the best MASTERS and G.MASTERS, all the way up to the most elite PRO MEN & WOMEN in the world today. This is your road. Be the best you can be.

The IWT Wave Tour takes you to the best waves in the world. When you bring the best riders to the best waves, you turn on a show that pushes the envelope and blows away every other experience. If you think you’re good, this tour will make you better. If you think you’re the best, this tour will push you beyond even that.

If you want to ride the best waves, push the envelope of your performance, adventure with passionate riders, and test yourself alongside the best of the best, then this tour is for you.

Think, “The Right Stuff”.

Think, “pushing the envelope.”

Think, “Live your life.”

Aloha, and see you out there.

The IWT Directors,

Russ Faurot & Simeon Glasson

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  • simeon glasson avatar
    simeon glasson
    December 13, 2021 7:25 pm

    The best riders are coming for 2022:
    Antoine Martin (1 x IWT Grand Final Aloha Champion)
    Morgan Noireaux (3 x IWT Grand Final Aloha Champion)
    Bernd Roediger (2 x IWT Grand Final Aloha Champion)
    Camille Juban (2 x IWT Grand Final Aloha Champion)
    Levi Siver (1 x IWT Grand Final Aloha Champion)
    Sarah Hauser (2 x IWT Grand Final Aloha Champion)
    Maria Andrés (1 x IWT Champion)
    Jessica Crisp (24 x World Champion)
    Angela Cochran (World Champion)
    Scott McKercher (World Champion)
    Fransisco Goya (World Champion)
    Keith Teboul, Robby Swift, kai Lenny, Liam Dunkerbeck, Takara Ishi, the Flechet brothers, and so many more!!!!

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