Local legend Motoko Sato 🇯🇵 has just siezed the yellow jersey after round 1 in Japan. Sato is now the number one ranked women’s rider in the world. Motoko Sato just made history.

That is HUGE news for Japan and for the Wave World Tour. The Unified PWA IWT WAVE TOUR is ushering in a big rankings shakeup as more riders from the Asia Pacific hemisphere get their chance to rise and shine brightly on the world stage. This will send a seismic shockwave across the rankings. The windsurfing world just changed. Today.

Second in the Women’s Global Rider Rankings after round 1 is Maria Andres 🇪🇸 from Spain, with Jane Seman 🇦🇺 from Australia sitting in 3rd, and Pauline Katz 🇨🇭from Switzerland in 4th. Together these 4 women are now on top of the new Global Rider Rankings and the YELLOW JERSEY IS NOW WITH JAPAN 🇯🇵! For the first time. In history.

The Pro Men’s charged through to reach the final 8 riders and then the sun went down on the day. In small waves the performance standards were impressive. These top 8 riders deserve great praise. Tomorrow the SURFLINE forecast is predicting early winds 15-20 knots with a moderate swell. Will we see these Pro Men progress to finals? Tune in to find out.

Takara Ishii 🇯🇵 JAPAN
Antoine Martin 🇬🇵 GUADELOUPE
Morgan Noireaux 🇺🇸 HAWAI’I
Philip Koster 🇩🇪 GERMANY
Marc Pare 🇪🇸 SPAIN
Ricardo Campello 🇻🇪 VENEZUELA
Bernd Roediger 🇺🇸 HAWAI’I
Marcilio Browne 🇧🇷 BRAZIL

Check out the livestream link here:

There will be livestream again tomorrow. Follow all the action and listen to THE CALL from Kai Katchadourian and the team right here for the Unified PWA IWT WAVE TOUR.

Thank you to our event partners SPICARE, OMAEZAKI CITY and the wonderful windsurfing community of Japan with the JWA and all those amazing volunteers. Thank you Omaezaki! Thank you Japan 🇯🇵!!!