A Few Questions with Morocco’s Soufian Sahli Before Baja

How long have you been trying to get your visa?
It was the second time I tried to get the visa, thanks to the help of mister Andre Azoulay who helped me to get this. It’s hard nowadays to apply as a Moroccan for any foreigner visa. The difficulty is to prove that your intentions are good etc, and you are not planning to stay in the country you are visiting forever.

What are you looking forward to most for the Baja experience?
I look forward to push my windsurfing and to sail the best I can, I love the style of Baja where you are just riding waves and I would love to catch some of the best waves of my life while competing in the most fun conditions ever. It will help me define myself and compete against the best riders in the world.

Who are you traveling with?
I am starting the journey with Boujmaa who would go to San Diego to drive down, and i will arrive to Tijuana. The trip will take me 3 days till I meet up with Colby, who will drive me down to Baja and is helping me with all the needs for a comfortable Baja experience. Many thanks to him.

What is your past experience on the IWT?
Last time I competed in Moulay at my home spot in some of the best conditions for a contest against the best. I made it to the top 5 and am happy with it. Although I wish I did better and i know I didn’t sail the best I can, but hopefully I have learned some from Mistakes I did that time and will avoid them in Baja.

How is it looking for you to come to the Aloha Classic?

American visa for now is a complicated one. For them to allow me visiting the country would be a stacked bank account which I don’t have for now, neither a fixed long term job, i am a semi professional windsurfer but wouldn’t be enough since none of my sponsors pay me. I would like to thank them so much for their support, without them I wouldn’t be living a dream of my own Ocean Vagabond who is covering flights to Baja, Gipsy Surfer, Hot Sails Maui with all the gear and Sailboard Tarifa. Managing Boujmaa’s center is only a seasonal job, but I do managed it outside the season although there is no windsurfers keen enough to come and rent gear to sail with us in winter time conditions. But I still dream of going to Hawaii and compete in the aloha classic 🙂 Inchalah someday