Cactus Cup–Day 1

Kevin Pritchard wins first Single Elimination
The AWT caravan survived three separate border crossings, the ride down and two glorious taco stands to arrive at SoloSports to 20-25 knot winds and clean head high waves. Head judge Matt Pritchard announced that we’d be running up to seven single eliminations for this contest with one throw-out after four rounds and two if seven are completed. Day one of competition couldn’t have been any better and here are the results and some photos to prove it by Clark Merritt! More news and results tomorrow. —Pete DeKay, Windsport editor

1. Kevin Pritchard
2. Keith Teboul
3. Matt Pritchard
4. Graham Ezzy
T-5. Nathan Mershon
T-5. Russ Faurot
7. Skylar Haywood
T-8. Fabrice Beaux
T-8. Kevin McGillivray
T-8. Morgan Noireaux
T-9. Alex Bitoun
T-9. Chris Muzza Murray
T-9. Royn Bartholdi

1. Robert Torkildsen
2. Yossy Salomon
3. Jay Watermeyer
4. Ruben Lemmons
T-5. Pete DeKay
T-5. Joey Sanchez
T-6. Josh Sampiero
T-6. Jordan Reid

1. Royn Bartholdi
2. Kevin Trejo

1. Miho Tanaka
2. Tanya Saleh
3. Sam Bittner
4. Kathryn Fisher

1. Jordan Reid
2. Morgan Noireaux
3. Jay Watermeyer