Day 2 Pistol River Wave Bash

Day 2 here in Pistol River and whilst the conditions stayed at bay that did not by any means defeat the AWT souls from making the most of a day.

Riders all met bright and breezy at 7am with the feint hope of an early morning Southerly wind but after a beach check came back empty handed and with a promising forecast later in the week the judges called a lay day.


Conditions be damned in true AWT style all the Riders took full advantage of a free day.

As mentioned yesterday the turn out of women for this event is excellent and at mid morning all the ladies congregated for the ritual AWT ‘Ladies Tea Party’ which is designed to inspire non windsurfing women, beginners and competitors alike. There was some classic comments from competitors when put on the spot, such as multiple Pistol River Champion Ingrid Larouche whose aim for this event is simply, ‘not to injure myself badly’ and Cecelia who managed to inspire and motivate event the mighty Sam Bittner with her ambition of ‘just wanting to make it out and then hopefully back in again in order to prove to all the ladies out there that it is possible and you don’t have to be a legendary hulk to do this’.


The afternoon saw the drizzle clearing up and most opted to explore the stunningly beautiful surroundings of Gold Beach Oregon. From hiking trails in the near vicinity to beach runs, hot tubs and even jumping into the frigid Oregon ocean ‘solo con’ Bikini (OK only the mad did the later and it was swiftly followed by the hot tub!!).

Tomorrow looks like the waves will start to pick up and we may be able to begin heats.

Stay tuned for more updates.