Day 2: The Calm Before the Storm

Riders enjoyed a day of rest and relaxation as the conditions toned down before the approaching swell on the 2nd day of the 2016 Pacasmayo Classic.


After more than a week of great conditions, many riders welcomed the lay day and took advantage of the amenities at El Faro Adventure resort. Lounging by the pool, Yoga under the rec hut, games of foos ball and ping-pong, there’s plenty of ways to enjoy the time off the water.


For others it was the chance to explore the culture here in Pacasmayo, with local host Jaime as the perfect tour guide. It must have been quite the site for the locals to see 17 gringos packed into a van blasting Katy Perry roll through town. First stop was the local Monday market, packed with vendors selling fresh produce, fish, meat (sometimes live), and just about any other good or service you can imagine.



Next was an early lunch at Yovanni’s, Jaime’s favorite Cevichera for some fresh ceviche, before heading off to the local Museum, where Jaime has worked to add a ‘modern’ section which includes a history of the water sports which flourish in this area. It’s inspiring to see the positive impact these sports have had on the local communities because of the efforts of ambassadors like Jaime and events like the Pacasmayo Classic.



Everyone checked out early tonight in anticipation of the arriving swell to get the competition back underway. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for more photos and updates as we expect competition to get started early afternoon here in Pacasmayo.