Hatteras Wave Jam Over; Sets up Maui Showdown

With the Hatteras Wave Jam over and one event left to go, the overall rankings are anything but set in stone.  Both the Men and Women are setting up for an epic battle at the Maui Makani Classic.

Camille Juban sits atop the Pro rankings with a narrow margin over Levi Siver. The best 4 scores out of the 6 Tour Events will count toward the Overall Title. Levi has looked very strong winning 3 out of 3 events that he has competed in. Camille has been right there though, winning the 2 events Levi missed.  He placed a respectable 2nd and 5th in Baja and Santa Cruz for a solid top 4 score. Levi will be looking to complete a perfect 4 wins in 4 events, while Camille will be looking to drop his 5th place score.

On the Women’s side, it’s a tight battle between Fiona Wylde, Ingrid Larouche, and Sam Bittner. Fiona is currently the points leader, but Ingrid is in a strong position after completing only 3 events so far this year. If she can put together a good showing in Maui, she still has a chance to unseat young gun, Fiona Wylde. Sam is still in the mix, and can complete a podium finish on this year’s tour with a good result at the Maui Makani Classic.

Let the showdown begin! See points leaders below.

Top on Tour

Current ProCAORBajaPeruNCHITop 4
1Camille Juban5,2008,00010,00010,00033,200
2Levi Siver10,00010,00010,00030,000
3 Morgan Noireaux6,6006,5008,00021,000
4Kevin Pritchard5,2004,5005,2004,8005,50020,400
5Bernd Roediger5,5008,0005,50019,000
6Nathan Mershon3,9004,2003,9005,20017,200
7Graham Ezzy6,5005,2004,50016,200
8 Fabrice Beaux 8,0006,50014,500
9Russ Faurot2,6002,6003,9004,50013,600
10Marcilio Browne8,0005,20013,200
Current WomenCAORBajaPeruNCHITop 4
1Fiona Wylde6,5008,00010,0008,00032,000
2Sam Bittner8,0006,5006,5005,5005,50026,500
2Ingrid Larouche10,00010,0006,50026,500
4Miho Tanaka 8,00010,00018,500
5Katie McAnena8,0006,50014,500
Current YouthCAORBajaPeruNCHITop 4
1Fiona Wylde5,2005,5008,0008,00026,700
2Casey Rehrer6,5008,00010,00024,500
3Ian Stokes6,50010,00016,500
4Morgan Noireaux10,00010,000
4Jordan Reid10,00010,000
6Harley Stone8,0008,000
7Nick Dudet5,5005,500
8Ben Grodner5,2005,200
8Alex McKirgan5,2005,200