Pacasmayo Classic Day 4

Day 4 of the Pacasmayo Classic was looking very promising. The waves were still in the head high range on the sets and the wind was a touch stronger than the day before. This kept all the riders on edge waiting for the call to compete. The first announcement was made at 11:00 and thus began the holding pattern. 1 hour delays all the way until the contest was called on at 3:30. First up would be the Junior Boys Final, which was to be followed by the Junior Girls and first round of Amateurs.

As the first heat got underway each rider scored a nice opening wave, but then with very light wind and few sets, it became apparent that conditions were just not quite good enough so the heat had to be cancelled. Since the forecast is still looking quite positive for the coming days, the call was made to end the day here. It was another Lay day in the end, but the expectation is that Wednesday afternoon through Saturday should provide.

Riders still enjoyed the freesailing session, as there were some quality waves coming through, albeit with long waits in-between. Stay tuned as conditions look to ramp up in the following days.

After the competition was called off for the day the IWT took time to chat with the Lamanuzzi Family who have traveled all the way from Argentina by car for the IWT Pacasmayo Classic. Pali, the mother, teaches yoga every morning of the contest at 7am. Felipe, the father, runs the windsurf school Puerto de Palos in Argentina and their two children, Irupe and Simbad windsurf in the contest as well.

IWT: What made you decide to come to Pacasmayo?
L: We heard about the spot from our friends in Matanzas and saw the photos from Pacasmayo and decided to pack up the family for the 4,300 km drive from our home in Argentina. We are here for 2 months while the shop is closed at home.

IWT: What are your kids doing for school?
L: No more school. Only windsurfing. Our twins are 16 years old. When they want to study, they study. We don’t make them study or make them go to school any more. We think this is the best moment in life at the age of 16. We appreciate spending the time with our kids who are our friends. We are a family but we are more like friends and we value this time so much.

IWT: What do you do when you are home?
L: We own Puerto de Palos which is a windsurf shop on a lake in the mountains. We have windsurf gear for rent, lessons, restaurant, and yoga. All four of us work together. The shop is closed for the time while we are away on this trip.
The lake our shop is on is a small man made lake created 20 years ago. The wind is strong every day, perfect for slalom, freestyle and learning to windsurf.