Pacasmayo Day 1 at El Faro Adventure Resort

With better conditions expected later in the week, the IWT crew & riders enjoyed an off day yesterday. El Faro Adventure Resort in Pacasmayo, Peru is the ideal windsurfing getaway. Located two hours north of Trujillo, El Faro is the escape you need to kick back with friends and enjoy some stellar conditions. The International Windsurfing Tour loves making El Faro home every year for the Pacasmayo Wave Classic. With a week under our belts already this year, the IWT would like to share what a typical day at El Faro involves.

Early Morning- For the Dedicated SUPer or Surfer

An early morning SUP session before the winds kick in is a must for any SUP surf enthusiast. This week Black Project Fins owner Chris Freeman has been eager to include all who are wiling in his 7am SUP sessions in front of El Faro Resort. SUPing makes the waves at the point (just upwind of the resort) a bit more accessible than typical prone surfing. When the wave gains a little more size, regular surfing becomes a great option as well. You will be riding the perfect flowing wave until your legs burn from exhaustion. If you choose not to pack your SUP or surfboard, the resort has a selection of boards available for rent.

Chris Freeman

Mid Morning- Breakfast & Coffee

After an early SUP/Surf or a slow morning in bed, the IWT crew congregates in the restaurant/bar adjacent to El Faro’s pool for a breakfast of bread with jam, eggs and coffee. El Faro’s restaurant, like the rest of the resort, overlooks Pacasmayo’s famous waves and while everyone is getting fueled for the day, conditions are already being discussed.

Late Morning- Stroll to Town

Late Morning, before the winds kick in, is the perfect time to take a 10 minute stroll into town for whatever essentials you need or to do a little gift shopping. The IWT crew has alternated days heading into town for water, snacks and a little bit of shopping along Pacasmayo’s beautiful waterfront boardwalk.

Maxime Fevrier


The first riders have taken to the water between 1 & 2pm most days at El Faro. As the wind starts to pick up, more and more riders are pulled onto the water looking for minute plus wave rides all the way from the point to a few hundred yards just downwind of the resort. ‘Light wind & glassy waves’ will keep riders on the water through the afternoon into sunset.

Maria Andres

Evening- Sunset, Pisco Sour & Lomo Saltado

Pacasmayo evenings let your troubles melt away with the setting sun. Una jarra de pisco between friends, some Lomo Saltado (Peruvian beef, vegetable & rice dish) and a stunning pink & purple sunset are the perfect combination to end a great day on the water. The IWT crew has been fortunate enough to enjoy countless evenings sharing vino, cervezas and pisco with Jaime- the owner of El Faro Resort. The life of the party, Jaime knows how to make all his guests feel welcome.

Quotes from riders and crew: What is your favorite thing at El Faro Resort?

“The long, long wave which is just insanely good and mazing and “OH MY GOD!,” “OH MY GOD!,” … adjective … adjective … adjective” – Head Judge Simeon Glasson

“Jaime.” – IWT Tour Director Sam Bittner

“The windsurfing.” – Two Time Aloha Classic Champion Morgan Noireaux

“Sunsets.” – Mr. Kevin Pritchard

“The wave and the company. Nice long wave to ride no matter the swell size. Good crew to laugh with. Good company.” Mike Archer

“Claro- the ice cream.” Chris Freeman

“For photography, the lifestyle in town and generally the lighting is really good.” – IWT Tour Photographer Si Crowther

“The wave.” IWT Founder Russ Faurot

Russ Faurot

“Waves are good. Very relaxing.” – Jason Hale

“Waves. Friends.” – Peter Kimball

“The view. Jaime. I can keep the gear rigged… and piscos in the swimming pool at sunset overlooking the perfect peeling waves.” Tom Soltysiak

“The fulbito- the chilling area.” Denise Blondet

“The spot. Perfect windsurfing launch.” – Jad

Jad Ghosn

“The long wave.” Cecilia Tolley

“The view- the pool with the sunsets.”- Anna Maria Zollet

“The surf spot.” – Boris

Yann Rifflet

Simeon Glasson