Register to Avoid Late Fee and IWT Clinic Schedule

June 9th is your last chance to avoid late registration fees. Registration will go up by $50, so secure your spot now.  REGISTER AND SAVE!

Edit. The IWT has extended early bird registrations for one more week. Thank you to everyone who has registered already. June 9 is the new official deadline.

IWT Clinic

Pistol River Wave Bash
Coaching from 2-6pm $200 for the day – wave coaching

The top Pro Men and Women on tour are coaching.

Take advantage of BARGAIN ACCESS to THE BEST.

Whether it’s your first time heading into the waves, or if your want to perfect your high one handed backloops, these clinics will help you get there. With a teaching ratio of one pro rider for every two clinic riders, you will get a lot of high level attention. You’ll learn FAST.

Register now:
$200 for one day (4 hours, small groups 2:1)
$300 for two days (4 hours, small groups 2:1)
$400 for 3 days (4 hours, small groups 2:1)

Pistol River 2019 Schedule

June 12 – Wednesday Coaching from 2-6pm – wave coaching
Welcome BBQ 6-9pm meet and greet – free BBQ and beer
June 13 – Thursday Coaching from 2-6pm – wave coaching
June 14 – Friday Coaching from 2-6pm – wave coaching

June 15 – Saturday Open Competition Day
June 16 – Sunday Open Competition Day
June 17 – Monday Open Competition Day
June 18 – Tuesday Open Competition Day
June 19 – Wednesday Open Competition Day
June 20 – Thursday Open Competition Day
June 21 – Friday Open Competition Day
June 22 – Saturday Open Competition Day
Closing Party @ BREWFEST
Big Stage + Live Music + Big Crowds
First 30 registered riders get FREE TICKETS!