Riders and Crew Warm-up in Chile

IWT regulars and a slew of fresh faces have arrived in Chile for the first edition of the IWT Matanzas Wave Classic. For those that have never been here, which is most of the IWT riders and staff, it has been an easy transition. The local windsurfing community has welcomed all with open arms and a desire to show off their incredible spot. This will be the second stop on the South American leg of the tour this year, and as amazing as Peru was, Chile appears to be just as nice.

Kevin Pritchard

The Chilean wind machine has been pumping along for days, and while the waves have not yet been big, there have been plenty of fun conditions at hand. The first experience windsurfing took many of the crew to Topocalma, one of Chile’s most famous and rugged windsurfing locations. After bumping along on a 4-wheel drive dirt track, it was time to hit the beach. The necessary trucks launched onto the sand and after flying along next to the waters edge, the windsurfing site came into view.

Alex Vargas

Braving the cold and blowing sand, everyone eagerly rigged up and hit the water for the first time. Conditions did not disappoint. Side-off and head high peeling waves were on order. Once everyone got their fill, it was time to head back to civilization for an evening at Hotel Surazo. The day was washed down with plenty of Chilean Wine and delicious food to match. We can’t wait for the contest to begin, in what appears to be epic conditions. Assuming the forecast holds true, the first annual Matanzas Wave Classic should go off with a bang! Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram feeds for updates throughout the event.

Alessio Botteri