Q&A With the Cabo Verde Locals

Mitu Which is your favorite windsurfing, surfing and/or SUP spot in Cabo Verde and why? Ponta Preta. There you can do anything windsurf, surf, SUP, Kite and snorkle all in one spot! What are you looking forward to the most about the AWT event coming to your spots? It´s nice to have some event in…
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One Month to the Goya Pro Cabo Verde

2015 AWT Preview Video The Goya Pro Cabo Verde is shaping up to be the latest AWT edition of the ‘Clash of the Titans.’ The mega stars of windsurfing are currently tuning up their gear, and making final adjustments before the long journey to the remote island of Sal, Cabo Verde. Looking at the confirmed…
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Boujmaa Guilloul Prepares for Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde Pro, News
The draw of the AWT for many is riding perfect waves on both port and starboard tack. With stops in global prime locations, it is no surprise that wave riding legends, and rising stars are filling the rosters. None come expecting glory. All come hungry for waves, fierce competition and experiencing the culture of the…
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