The Aloha Classic

New Format, Low Impact Event Approved

August 17th 2019

The Aloha Classic has been granted a permit by the County of Maui for a low impact 5 consecutive day event within the 2 week advertised window (Oct 27 – Nov 9).

Gaining this permit approval was very challenging because the County of Maui has serious concerns about park safety with so many extra people trying to use the park during the full 14 day event window. After a tragic death in the lower car park area last year (not related to the Aloha Classic or windsurfing activity), the issue of safety remains uppermost in everyone’s minds and it was essential that the County and event organizers found a way to limit the risks to the local community around the event.

The permit for 5 consecutive (days within the 14 day window) will allow a full 48 Pro-Men bracket, a full 24 Pro-Women bracket, and a full 16 Youth bracket to be completed in the premier conditions that Ho’okipa has to offer. The low impact permit secures the 35 year tradition of The Aloha Classic and ensures that the most prestigious event in the windsurfing world continues to inspire us all.

Unfortunately, the 5 day low impact permit does not allow enough time for Amateur, Master, and Grand Master divisions to complete a full set of heat brackets. The County of Maui and event organizers are very sad to report that these three wonderful and popular divisions will not be included in this years Aloha Classic due to these time constraints arising from community safety concerns. This will be a huge disappointment for many windsurfers who had planned to compete.

The Aloha Classic will once again be beamed live around the world with the best riders, the best commentators, the best footage from land, water, and air and the best windsurfing natural arena in the world. Tune in and cheer for the greatest show on earth: The Aloha Classic.

Note: Any registrations already paid by riders from the Amateur, Master and Grand Master divisions will be refunded in full, and the County and event organizers sincerely apologize that more time was not possible for this years Aloha Classic.

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  • Bull Shit! We need our old leadership back. Mayor Akaka would not have allowed this to happen. If they are afraid of safety in the park then they should fix it….not punish the people that use it. The County has had decades to enlarge the parking area and address safety concerns. This problem has existed for as long as I can remember and I can remember longer than most. But just like the gun problem they drop it until it happens again then instead of fixing it they do nothing. The people they are cutting out pay their taxes and look forward to this all year. As we all know even with the whole window we still don’t usually finish everything.
    The AC is a Tradition and I’m very sad seeing it destroyed.

  • Yep … absolutely Bullshit … stupid politic decisions over spirit and tradition.

  • Maui is the heart, soul and birthplace of windsurfing. Ho’Okipa beach park is the center of Wave-sailing and the Aloha classic is an extremely well managed event that always displays a massive amount of respect and gratitude. The word Ho;Okipa means “The hospitality of complete giving” to “Welcome guests and strangers with Aloha”. Glad the event will at least still take place but the short window is sad for many hoping to compete.

  • W H A T?????????

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